Areas of Support
School of Music

From the soothing sounds of the symphony to the rousing rally cry on game day, the college experience would not be what it is without the sound of music.

Areas of Support
School of Music

From the soothing sounds of the symphony to the rousing rally cry on game day, the college experience would not be what it is without the sound of music.


Music Is the Heartbeat of Campus

At the KU School of Music, students from various majors across KU converge to co-create on a profound level. Whether they are harmonizing in a choir, improvising in a jazz ensemble, or energizing a pep band, they find a nurturing home for their musical passions.

Paul Popiel
Dean, School of Music
Ready to give to the School of Music to support these initiatives?
Curtis Marsh
Music and Lied Center Development

Your generosity has the power to transform lives at the KU School of Music. What makes your impact even more significant is our global reach. Our students not only excel in musical creation but also represent our school on international stages, participating in performances and competitions across the globe. Your support helps elevate the reputation of the KU School of Music and showcases the exceptional talents of our students to a diverse and appreciative audience worldwide.

By supporting the programs offered by the School of Music, you are also increasing student academic success. Music students show higher class attendance, achieve impressive GPAs, and boast elevated graduation rates compared to their peers. It’s a testament to the transformative power of music, making a positive impact both locally and globally, made possible by supporters like you!


Now is the time to make a transformative gift to the School of Music to address the following priorities:

Fostering the future of the KU Marching Jayhawks

Your contribution to the Marching Band endowment is an investment in the heartbeat of our musical community and the university itself. Imagine being able to replace uniforms and instruments at the end of their life cycles, ensuring a vibrant and visually stunning presence at every performance — in perpetuity. Your donation can pave the way for the next generation of musicians to excel and create unforgettable moments. Help us ensure access for all the students who would like to participate in the incredible tradition of the KU Marching Jayhawks.

Watch this video to learn more about our vision for the future of the KU Marching Jayhawks.

Growing music education across Kansas and the region

Join us in fostering musical education beyond the campus borders into the state of Kansas and Kansas City area. Your support enables us to engage with students in schools and communities, bringing the joy of music to every corner of the state. It also allows our students to be ambassadors for KU and inspire the next generation of students. Be part of a movement that values the transformative power of music to shape young minds and build stronger communities across the state.

Watch this video to learn more about our vision for music education across Kansas and the region.

Empowering global performance opportunities and recognition

Support international performance travel and celebrate the global achievements of our talented KU students on prestigious stages around the world. Your donation empowers students to make a mark on the global music scene and represents commitment to artistic excellence on an international scale. Your contribution helps bring the excellence of the KU School of Music and its students to international festivals and competitions.

Advancing vocal training excellence and mentorship

Support the dreams of aspiring KU opera and voice students by contributing to the Joyce Castle Opera Fund. Your generosity will shape the future of opera and vocal performance at the KU School of Music by helping provide a dedicated vocal coach to nurture and guide our students. You can ensure they receive the best training and mentorship in their vocal pursuits.

Watch this video to learn more about our vision for advancing vocal training excellence and mentorship.

Building the future with a multimedia lab for recording, teaching and performance

Propel the KU School of Music into the future by contributing to a state-of-the-art SOUNDLAB Multimedia Facility to enhance the learning and creative environment for the next generation of musicians and multimedia artists. Your donation will empower students to record, get hands-on learning and perform in a dynamic, versatile space that will serve as an audio/video recording studio, a teaching space and an additional performance venue.


School of 
Architecture & Design
Your contribution plays a vital role in providing our Architecture & Design students with hands-on experience in the studio, fostering both innovation and imagination.
University Honors Program
Your investment in the KU Honors Program will support exceptional students, give our top faculty the inspiration and connection that keep them engaged, and nurture innovation on campus.
Spencer Museum of Art
Your gift supports the Museum’s commitment to keep art at the core of learning, teaching and research at KU and beyond and bolsters its ability to sustain and grow its comprehensive collection.
School of Pharmacy
Your support of the KU School of Pharmacy will help the school continue to improve the health of Kansans and the world through excellence in all aspects of pharmaceutical care.
School of Engineering
Your support for the KU School of Engineering propels innovation and drives groundbreaking research, empowering students to shape the future of society.
School of Music
Your gift to the School of Music will help students and families discover the wonder of music through our world-class educational programs and hundreds of performances each year.
School of 
Social Welfare
Your gift to the School of Social Welfare will help change social work practice and social policy to support those served by the social work profession.
KU Medical Center
Your investment in KU Medical Center will save lives and support healthy, vibrant communities.
University of Kansas School of Professional Studies
KU’s new School of Professional Studies is building programs and pathways to high demand careers and economic mobility for students, and their families.
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Your gift can make a transformative difference in the educational foundation for KU students, offering them a broad set of knowledge and skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.
When you support KU Libraries, you support all Jayhawks. Your gift empowers the discoveries made, the stories written, the minds expanded with impacts that shine across the university, the greater community and the world.
Lied Center
A gift to the Lied Center in support of this initiative will allow the program to expand, eventually reaching all 104 counties in Kansas outside of Lawrence on an annual basis in perpetuity.
University of Kansas Health System
By supporting The University of Kansas Health System, you will save and improve lives – now and for generations to come.
William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, donating to the KU School of Journalism and Mass Communications gives students real-world experiences so they can thrive in future media professions.
School of Business
Your gift to the School of Business provides the pathway for students to get an innovative learning experience at one of the nation’s top-ranked programs.
School of Education & Human Sciences
Ranked as a top 10 public education school in the nation, a donation to the School of Education & Human Sciences enables future educators and human science professionals to create a lasting impact on society.
School of Law
Donating to the KU School of Law allows students to gain practice-ready skills with firsthand experience, forging future members of the legal profession in 13 different areas of study.
KU Alumni Association
Your investment attracts new Jayhawks, helps current students succeed academically and find satisfying careers, deepens connections across generations.